synthol abuse makes bodybuilding freaks

Synthol abuse is something I had not heard of until I got browsing on the internet, What is synthol? Synthol is basically a mixture of oils that can be used to make parts of your body bigger by injecting the oil directly into the muscle.

The correct usage of this oil mixture is to help balance out unproportionate parts of the body. so if you have one bicep bigger than the other you can inject synthol into the bicep that is lacking in size. Thus giving you a more proportionate and aesthetic physique.

Snythol works by stretching the fascia, the thin skin like material which wraps around and isolates the body’s muscle tissue. when the fascia is stretched the muscle fills the gap and any gains made are permanent.

Some People have taken synthol abuse too far, making a freak show of themselves and lowering the reputation of bodybuilders everywhere as the masses of people who see their pictures, group them together with the rest of us because the masses do not hold a great deal of understanding our sport.

Im sure they are good people and there’s obviously some sort of physiological or un-educated consequence in taking this substance but I’m sure most will agree that they have made a mess with their body and I regurgitate their pictures on my blog to warn others from making the same mistake.

Whey protein powder

Its Essential in bodybuilding to consume enough protein to aid the recovery of your muscles after each workout. Proteins in essence are the building blocks for your muscles. Taking in a lot of protein will raise the growth and repair of muscle tissue.

Most reputable bodybuilders recommend to consume around 25 grams of protein every 2-3 hrs. This however is inconvenient for most people as most of our proteins comes from meat like chicken or beef. that means you would have to cook, prepare or buy a lot of food for every day of the week (which would be expensive) .

Protein Powder is a cheap, time saving and delicious way of consuming protein between your regular meals. Protein Powder is generally mixed with water or milk and comes in different flavors and can be prepared in seconds.

Worlds smallest bodybuilder

Aditya “Romeo” Dev of India is the worlds smallest bodybuilder at only 84cm tall and weighing in at 9kg. He is causing a huge stir down in India as flocks of crowds pack into his local gym to see the small guy train.

He trains with custom made 1.5 kg dumbbells and works out on a regular basis. despite his size Romeo is still perfectly proportioned and also has an interest in becoming a dancer.
He has been recognized as the worlds smallest bodybuilder by the Guinness Book of Records in 2006 following three months of intense exercise.


Steroids in bodybuilding

I am no expert on the subject that is steroids but the stigma of the matter is always associated with bodybuilding, and therefore it occasionally gets associated with me. If I bump into an old friend who I haven’t seen for a while (especially friends who I haven’t seen since high school) one of the first questions in the conversation is “blimey, have you been taking steroids?” which is always asked in a joking matter, but its hard to detect whether its still a genuine question. my response is always mixed with this question, some times I tell them “no” and other times I joke back until they say “REALLY!!!” THEN I tell them “no”.

I haven’t had any experience with steroids apart from people I know who have taken them. Some people obviously know what they are doing and know all the facts about steroids and how to take them and are willing to accept the risks of any side effects.

Then there are people who jump straight in without researching any facts on risks or how to take steroids, who want a quick fix and want to look good ASAP. People I personally know have jumped into this quick fix scenario, did get fast results but suffered some sort of side effects, A few people who I know developed heart problems and subsequently came off steroids. but the muscle gains they had made which caused them health problems, quickly disappeared.

I guess my point is, if you are thinking about taking steroids make sure you analyze all the pros and cons. Your health is potentially at risk, all people react differently to drugs and the potential side effects of steroids may make your life worse.

for professional information, visit the government steroid abuse website.

Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding inspiration

I’ve already mentioned it in the about me section but Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my inspirations for getting involved in bodybuilding and wanting to build muscle. This is largely due to the influence his movies had on me especially the likes of predator which I would class as my all time favourite.

Arnold has and still is having great success from his bodybuilding career. If it wasn’t for bodybuilding he would not have become a huge action star. and if it wasn’t for him becoming a huge action star he would not have become governor of California. In All three roles he has done a fantastic job in my opinion but had he not have been the huge character he was I doubt it would have been possible. I would undeniably like to see him run for President one day with, no doubt in my mind that he would get the position.

When ever I get dislodged in my bodybuilding progress and need inspiration all I have to do is Google Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuiling and select image search and just check out Arnie is prime. This gives me total inspiration to get in the gym and pump some iron. I’m not sure I will ever get to Arnold’s size or that I actually want to but feeling stronger and looking muscular makes me feel good, like finishing a marathon would feel good for a runner._Talking about pumping iron I highly recommend watching the documentary film of the same name. its got some great footage of legend bodybuilders such as Luo Ferrigno as well as arnie performing workouts and competitions . The documentary is scripted so don’t take personality’s to be genuine.

Here are a few Googled picks of the great man himself (for your inspiration):

Muscle dog

Found A dog image on this necromanc blog. you might think that this picture is photoshopped, but everything is real. People mistake her for a pitbull with a pinhead. Apparently the dog is called Wendy but people refer to her as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I wish I had this dogs genetics.

Update: She was born with a genetic defect which has left her looking like the Incredible Hulk of Hounds. So she hasnt been bred to look like that, I guess she’s unique but sadly, because of the genetic defect its predicted she will have a shorter life span


Sick of Deadlifts ?

Looks like being sick whilst deadlifting could be fairly common, They already had paper towels down. I have no idea how he keeps going but he doesnt seem to be giving too many f##ks! I would be laughing my head off just like the guys to the side.

Who do you want to be ?

A great motivational film put together by Stephen Toozer using Arnold Schwarzenegger’s commencement speech from when he visited the University of Southern California. This doesnt apply just to bodybuilding but life as a whole.

Dont listen to the nay sayers and don’t be afraid to fail, have trust in yourself!

Great words from Arnold and nicely put together video from Steven.

Who is Zyzz – life after death

So I discovered Zyzz through a friend of mine who’s in his late teens, into bodybuilding and had adopted what I have come to understand is the Zyzz persona. every so often at work he would come out with words like you mirin brah? or you Jelly brah? whilst tensin his arms or something and I would be like Josh, what the f##k are you doing? itz all about aesthetics innit! and still I’d be like Josh, wtf??

Anyways.. Zyzz real name,  Aziz Sergeyevich Shavershian was an Australian bodybuilder and Internet celebrity in the bodybuilding community who has become iconic after his unexpected death at the young age of twenty two.



Zyzz pronounced Ziz, was his internet handle on sites such as, and where he built up his rapport within the online bodybuilding communities.

He became popular by posting videos of himself for admiring his own asthetics and using any opportunity he could to show off his physique on video acting out to create his own Zyzz style show/world.



It wasnt all love for Zyzz though, he attracted as much dislike and hatred as he did respect and admiration from his online persona. People were unsure as to whether or not he was atually trolling in his posts and videos and obviously there’s all-ways going to be jealous haters no matter what.

Either way you look at it, he had a positive outlook on life. he inspired people to get in the gym and lift, his ideology was to make something special out of your life, become something more. Don’t just wither into existence , embrace life…. his motto was:



Be a sick C#nt, not a hard C#nt


Zyzz’s Death

On the 5th of August 2011, Aziz suffered a heart attack in a sauna whilst on vacation in Bangkok, Thailand  which was the result of an undiagnosed congenital heart defect.

Its almost certain that Zyzz took steroids, there doesnt seem to be many people disputing that. I dont think thats any particular reason to downplay his story although many people on the internet do however seem to correlate his untimely death with steroid use.


Videos of Zyzz