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Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding inspiration

I’ve already mentioned it in the about me section but Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my inspirations for getting involved in bodybuilding and wanting to build muscle. This is largely due to the influence his movies had on me especially the likes of predator which I would class as my all time favourite.

Arnold has and still is having great success from his bodybuilding career. If it wasn’t for bodybuilding he would not have become a huge action star. and if it wasn’t for him becoming a huge action star he would not have become governor of California. In All three roles he has done a fantastic job in my opinion but had he not have been the huge character he was I doubt it would have been possible. I would undeniably like to see him run for President one day with, no doubt in my mind that he would get the position.

When ever I get dislodged in my bodybuilding progress and need inspiration all I have to do is Google Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuiling and select image search and just check out Arnie is prime. This gives me total inspiration to get in the gym and pump some iron. I’m not sure I will ever get to Arnold’s size or that I actually want to but feeling stronger and looking muscular makes me feel good, like finishing a marathon would feel good for a runner._Talking about pumping iron I highly recommend watching the documentary film of the same name. its got some great footage of legend bodybuilders such as Luo Ferrigno as well as arnie performing workouts and competitions . The documentary is scripted so don’t take personality’s to be genuine.

Here are a few Googled picks of the great man himself (for your inspiration):