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Steroids in bodybuilding

I am no expert on the subject that is steroids but the stigma of the matter is always associated with bodybuilding, and therefore it occasionally gets associated with me. If I bump into an old friend who I haven’t seen for a while (especially friends who I haven’t seen since high school) one of the first questions in the conversation is “blimey, have you been taking steroids?” which is always asked in a joking matter, but its hard to detect whether its still a genuine question. my response is always mixed with this question, some times I tell them “no” and other times I joke back until they say “REALLY!!!” THEN I tell them “no”.

I haven’t had any experience with steroids apart from people I know who have taken them. Some people obviously know what they are doing and know all the facts about steroids and how to take them and are willing to accept the risks of any side effects.

Then there are people who jump straight in without researching any facts on risks or how to take steroids, who want a quick fix and want to look good ASAP. People I personally know have jumped into this quick fix scenario, did get fast results but suffered some sort of side effects, A few people who I know developed heart problems and subsequently came off steroids. but the muscle gains they had made which caused them health problems, quickly disappeared.

I guess my point is, if you are thinking about taking steroids make sure you analyze all the pros and cons. Your health is potentially at risk, all people react differently to drugs and the potential side effects of steroids may make your life worse.

for professional information, visit the government steroid abuse website.